Monday, April 14, 2008

With This Ring. . .

Do you remember the day that your husband placed a ring on your finger and you heard the words, "With this ring I do thee wed.."? The wedding ring is something we hold dear. I thought my ring was incredibly beautiful even though it was just a small gold band. It had little orange blossoms and was hand carved with a silver inlay. Most of the delicate design was worn off but to me the ring had lost none of its beauty.

I lost my cherished wedding ring! Even though I know where and when I lost it, a careful search brought no results. I know that it is gone and it feels strange not to be able to touch or see a ring that has been on my finger fifty-eight years in June. I wore it all the time but somehow it slipped off my finger when getting out of the car.

Sunday morning I was sitting in church and felt such a great loss and sadness. But then the following thoughts began to fill my mind and heart:

What you have lost is a symbol. No one can take away the years of your happy marriage. All that you have shared with your husband, the good days, the storms, the victories, the failures, all that make up a life; none of this is lost.

My spirit was lifted! I am so thankful for those things that cannot be taken away. It is also a reminder that anything that I can see or touch is temporal and all of this will pass away. I want to take inventory of my life. How much time do I invest in those things that have eternal value? Something to think about!

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
Matthew 6: 19,20


five in six said...

Hi Mary!

I found your blog through your favorite movies...Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites as well!

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your wedding ring. My husband and I have been married 10 years this June and I haven't been able to wear mine very much because of weight gain with the births of our 5 children. I too am often sad that I can't look down and see that reminder of our love and commitment to each other.

I know I will probably never meet you on this side of heaven, but I can't wait to rejoice with you in heaven one day!

Blessings to you!
a friend in GA

Plant Lady said...

Reading over your post today, I realized with can add another thing to our list of "Things We Have in Common". I too, lost my wedding ring.

We had gone on a trip up to Washington, DC for the weekend, then back to a meeting my husband had in Richmond, Va. After the meeting, the weather turned nasty and we had to travel back home in sleet and freezing rain. Just as we crossed into North Carolina, we hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car and bounced off the guard rails on each side of the road, finally landing on top of one of the rails.

Just before the accident, I had taken off my diamond and band to apply lotion to my hands, which were dry from the cold weather, and had put them in my lap. When the accident occurred, they rings went flying, air bags deployed and when we got out of the vehicle, I did not think about the rings. The rescue was called and I discovered they were gone while sitting in the rescue vehicle.

We went back to look, but could not find the diamond, although we did find the wedding band. So somewhere on the shoulder of I-95, there is a 1-carat diamond just lying around.

We had just minor injuries and were OK but our car was totaled. God was merciful and spared our lives. I thank my friend, who suggested that I needed to insure the diamond, and my husband did so and he said that was the best $65 he had ever spent (the premium for the year). The insurance replaced it with one identical in its description, but in my opinion, it does not shine as bright! That's just my sentimentality speaking, though. I am glad we were able to find the band, because, he had an inscription engraved with our names and date of marriage.

I am most thankful that we were OK!

Plant Lady

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I know that your ring meant so much to you. Not because of its temporal worth, but rather because of the story it represents. It's value has increased because of years of commitment. You and your husband have done the "hard thing"'ve kept to the path of marriage and lived long enough to reap some of the rich benefits that comes from such an obedience.

Recently, I got a new ring. A 10 year worth of marriage kind of ring. It replaced my simple band, but means more to me now, than the one I received on my engagement because of what it represents.

I posted a picture of it under my blog entitled "My Ephesians 5:25".

I'm glad for your perspective in the matter and for your wisdom. God be close to you as you "grieve" your temporal loss! Perhaps your husband might honor your love for one another with a new token.

If so, post it friend. I'd love to see.


Mary said...

And blessings to you, Paula!
Now I have a friend in GA! How nice!
Thanks so much for your comments.
With five children I'm sure you are a busy mother with no time to get bored. . ever!
My brother had seven children and there was LOTS of activity as his house.
They are all grown now. . great family!
I'll be reading your blog. .


Mary said...

Plant Lady, thanks so much for sharing your story about your lost ring. I really enjoyed reading it.

I'm glad that you found your wedding band. That's the way we like to see a story end! :)

My niece and her husband lived in Richmond, VA before moving to FL. It seems that little dots connect everywhere with our blogging friends. That's neat!


Mary said...

Elaine, I truly enjoyed your comments. And I had already read the post of "Ephesians5:25"
In fact that is the first one I read on your blog. The first thing I noticed was you in your wedding dress and your sons beside you. I thought you were beautiful and what you wrote was so very, very touching.

If I ever get another ring I will post it . . but don't expect it to happen. Unless I have a real change of heart I just can't see a replacement. My husband had already suggested this but right now the thought of a new, shiny ring just doesn't appeal to me.


Joyful said...

Hi Mary,
Love the lesson you learned through your loss, yet only imagining the grief of loosing such a treasure. My sister lost both her engagement ring and wedding ring last June. Just like you, she knows where/when she lost the rings - in a department store - but all the searching still resulted in nothing. The store clerks were so helpful - doing an intensive search, but nothing was ever found...yet! She's still praying that maybe someday.... My sister's husband had ordered these rings and they were individually designed, so really can't be replaced. I'm going to share your story with her. Thank you for opening your heart.

Mary said...

Joy, thank you for visiting by blog and for your comments. I read the post on your blog and loved it!