Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Morning At The Park

One morning I was sitting on a bench at the park while I watched my grandson playing on the swings. A young mother was there with her little girl. The toddler was laughing and running all around and ran right over an ant bed. At this point, the mother, raising her voice, said, "Stay away from that!" The child seem oblivious to the ant bed and continued to play close by and several minutes later, almost stepped in the ant bed again. Her mother said, "I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THERE!" She looked like she was about to give the little one a spat.

I turned around and said, "You, know, I don't think she has seen the ants. Maybe you could show her and explain that they sting. So then, the mother, got on her knees, pointed to the ants and explained to the child how these ants could hurt her. It was then the little girl seemed to see them for the first time, although it was apparent that she didn't understand the danger as she reached out to them with her tiny little hands.

As I thought about this, I wondered, how often do we as mature Christians react very much like this mother? Do we simply say to a young Christian, "Stay away from that" and expect them to know the harm of certain sins? When in reality they don't see nor understand!

"Lord,help me to realize that young Christians may not see some things as sin nor understand the danger of the sting and hurt that they can bring. Help me to have patience and a willingness to get on my knees and then in love help to guide and direct. . . and to be there with a soothing ointment when they are stung!"


SKY4KAT said...

It is so simple and yet so true. There is something to learn when we have the time to still our hearts and just be. Just "Being" with your grandson and able to SEE more than was happening.
Young mother, tired,busy with a "to do" list a mile long and short on patience.
You could observe and sense and feel, using your years of maturity and wisdom, to speak into her heart.
I think of the Proverbs 31 woman and how as we try to "do it all",how stressed and impatient we become at not having enough time to get it all done and therefore we miss a lot of "Being" time.
Thanks for your beautiful story and love shown in" a morning in the park".
Katrina in Colorado

Mary said...

Katrina, thanks so much for the thoughts that YOU brought out . .seeing it from the perspective of a young mother missing out on so much because of being overloaded, tired and stressed.

And as a mother I did the same thing. God gives us "another opportunity" when we are given grandchildren and even MORE when we are blessed to have a part in the lives of our great grandchildren
From where I stand, looking back, I realize how much of what happens to children is woven into the fabric of their life.

SweetPea said...

Hi Mary! Great story and great eye opener. You were loving and bold in your actions to approach that woman. That is one thing that's hard for me. I even struggle with telling the students at the college I work that we are a smoke free campus...confrontation is hard and it takes love and tact.

I'm just in awe that you brought up us doing the same thing with young Christians. We are having this exact issue in our ladies Bible Study. After the last two weeks, I approached the leader on some issues and come to find out, that is exactly what we are dealing with...young Christians who just aren't getting it. They are adult, middle-aged women but babes in Christ. This makes it hard as I am one of the young ones physically but more mature spiritually. It is very different for me as I'm used to being the young one in Christ. The leader and I are devoted to being prayer warriors over this matter and try to continue to point the other ladies to the Word. Some of the issues they talk about, we can tell they are not understanding the harm in those activities and actions. We've realized we need to continue to gently point them to Christ and His Word and lead by example. It's exciting yet challenging.

Thanks for your wonderful story and insight.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A wonderful reminder to me this day, that while I am still "raising" my youngins, I need to pause and put purpose behind my warnings!

You are a treasure trove of wisdom, my friend. Be blessed this day.


Plant Lady said...

What a wonderful story! It is so true! I hope you have been doing well. I have a prayer request-I would like for you to remember me and my husband in your prayers as we will be out of town for the next two days...Pray for traveling mercies and protection. I know God is faithful.

My last two posts on "Plant Lady's Ponderings is about how my husband and I met. You may find it humorous, as I think it's a hoot!

Take care,
Plant Lady

Mary said...

Thanks for your comments, Paula. Actually, I'm pretty timid also about speaking out but when it involves a little child that gives a stronger urge to say something.

I know that the Lord will bless you in your work with the women's ministry and give you grace and wisdom as you bring each one to the Lord with your prayers.
And you are right - leading by example speaks volumes.


Mary said...

Whenever I see the name "elaine" I know that I will read precious words and be blessed!
I would have LOVED to be in the service and hear you speak. . I feel a kindred spirit to you. And just to think I didn't even know about the world of blogging a month ago. I wonder how many other things are just waiting to be discovered?


Mary said...

Plant Lady, you surely will be in my prayers and I trust that the trip will go well in every way.
I have already read the latest post in your "love story" and looking forward to more!