Monday, April 21, 2008


One night our ladies group at church had a slumber party! That's right. . .a slumber party! Regardless of your age, you can always be "young at heart" and that's exactly what our ladies did. One of the things we did that night was to share an embarrassing moment in our life. There was much laughter as one woman after another shared. Time takes care of many awkward situations where they are no longer so humiliating.

Here is one of mine!

A young couple in the church that I attended presented a little skit each Sunday where they dressed in "tacky" country clothing. One Sunday the young man was standing at the door when I came in. He had on a plaid shirt with a tie that was covered with small "candy" hearts. I said, "Good Morning" and made mention of his "funny clothes." He bowed his head and looking a little uncomfortable said, "These are my Sunday clothes." His wife was standing a few feet away and said that she had matched his outfit - wanted him to look younger. I said, "Well, I guess I'm just too old to know what's cool!" Hopefully they agreed.


Cyndy said...

I actually asked a lady that I didn't even know if she were pregnant.

What was I thinking?

Here's what I was thinking, "Why are you asking this question? Shut up! I can not believe you are asking this question...this is not a question you ask a total stranger...what is the matter with you?"

She was not pregnant and I will never ask that question again!

SweetPea said...

Mary, I can't think of any embarrassing moments although I know they are there. What Cyndy said made me think of a similar situation but I was the one that was asked. It was by an in-law no doubt. I was so humuliated because I had gained weight and wore bagging clothes at the time. I think it's worse for a family member to ask than a stranger. So, Cyndy don't feel so bad. The thing is, the aunt-in-law even rubbed my tummy and said are you expecting. Now, talk about feeling bad...I bet she did.

Mary, I've added a post to my blog and chose a unique flower. I've saved lots of bright, beautiful flowers for future posts. Hope you enjoy this flower and the post.