Friday, April 4, 2008

A Season

What a beautiful morning! I love to sit on the deck in my back yard and drink in the sights and sounds of spring! Looking up at the new green leaves I thought about the brevity of their life. One season of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and the leaves began to fall and soon new ones take their place. Yet each leaf has its place and purpose.

Each of us have a place and purpose and a work to do while on this earth and not unlike the leaves, our "season" is very short and soon others take our place. But this is not the end. As the leaves fall from the tree, they simply take on another form and become part of mother earth. We, too, at the end of this life will take on another form as we enter into eternal life.

Father, how beautiful and wonderful are your ways! Nothing wasted - nothing gone - simply changed.


Plant Lady said...


Plant Lady

Plant Lady said...

It's me again! I have read all your post since you began. I enjoyed all of them, especially the one about Singing in the Rain.

I, too, have had instances when for some reason, I have been led to do a certain thing. I believe it is the Holy Spirit's prodding because He has a job for us to do.

Where our blessing comes from is in is our obedience and we reap the rewards in this life and in the life to come.

The pictures of the flowers (angel trumphets and others)are beautiful!
I am amazed at the beauty of God's creation!

Plant Lady

Mary said...

Thanks again for your encouraging words! And as you said in one of your comments, there is no way of knowing who sees our blog except when someone writes . . I have received several emails from friends that I told about my blog.
But I feel confident that God knows how to connect and when!

I feel a kindred spirit to you as we have several things in common.
- a new adventure in blogging
- keeping a journal and writing things down that we are sharing in the blog
- both of us kept our mothers after a stroke - and my mother broke her hip sometime before
- experiencing joy in being a "servant of love" to our mothers
- she had to be turned over every three or four hours after her stroke and God equipped in such a beautiful way. No way to explain his tender touch on our lives as we ministered to her. She lived four months after her stroke.
She was 94 1/2. A precious saint.
- we both now have the joy to know our mothers are with Jesus