Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Believe In Angels

Yes I believe in angels. . .

I would like to tell you about two angels that knocked on my door! My mother had suffered a stroke and my husband and I were pretty well confined to the home. During this time I had a birthday and on "my" day the door bell rang. I went to the door and there they were - two angels, arms laden with food, gifts and flowers! Two very dear friends had on full angel robes with angel wings and halo. They both knew that I collected angels. They had picked up angel hair pasta at Olive Garden with a salad, and angel food cake for dessert. Angel Judy with a slightly crooked halo went to the kitchen to dish up the food while the other angel, Becky, prepared the table. My husband, Curtis and I went to the table where we celebrated my birthday with two beautiful angels!

This happened twelve years ago but it remains in my mind and heart as one of the special days of my life. Do you know of a person that you could be an "angel" to? There are people all around that the touch of your life could make such a difference. Let God dream in you a creative way to reach out to someone that needs you right now!

I believe also in God's heavenly angels. I read that angels are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible. Angel means messenger. We do not pray to angels but we can pray that God will send an angel to help or minister to someone. This knowledge should give us comfort and encouragement. God has countless ways to help us and sometimes it's through an angel.


Plant Lady said...

I, too, have had angels show up on my doorstep, although not in costume. It was during a hospitalization my mother had about six months after she had her stroke. She began to have seizures that we later learned were caused by the scar tissue resulting from her stroke. She had a very bad time (pulling out IV's, trying to come off of the bed, talking "out of her head", restless, etc.) To make matters worse, my daddy had been diagnosed with the fever that comes from a tick bite. He was so weak and could not even stand. While at the doctor, he just happened to mention (jokingly) that he had spotted fever. The doctor checked and told him later, that he would never thought to have checked for it had my daddy not mentioned it. About the same time another man my dad knows from our town came down with it and died.

Well, I could not be in two places at once, at the hospital and at home with daddy. I really felt more nervous about Daddy, because I had never seen something affect him the way the fever did. So I was torn as to where to go.

I received a call from our pastor's wife saying that some ladies from church had agreed to have "round the clock" coverage at the hospital for Mama. Several ladies would take 4-5 hour "shifts" each, until I could return. Mama's seizures leveled off and she was resting comfortably after about 48 hours. The ladies stayed the whole time with her. So, I had several angels and I must say they were the most beautiful!

I believe in heavenly ones also. If you have not read my post "Ministering Spirits" do so . It tells of one of their visits.

Plant Lady

Mary said...

Plant Lady,
Thanks so much for sharing! A wonderful account of how God met your needs.
My dad passed away many years before my mother. I can't fathom caring for both parents at the same time. But God is faithful and equips for the task, doesn't He?
Yes, I read your post on "Ministering Spirits" and found it to be a real blessing.