Monday, April 7, 2008

Now Is My Time!

Do you ever do anything on impulse?

I ask the question not knowing if anyone is reading this! I might be talking to myself but I guess I'm used to that because I have been keeping a personal journal for over twenty years. But in journal writing I don't usually ask myself questions.

About three or four weeks ago I didn't even know what a blog was. I feel a little bit like the writer and speaker, Patsy Clairmont, who recently started blogging. She said, "At my age I thought blogging meant I had a blockage or it was a description of that band of jello slosing around my middle. ." My niece sent me a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministry and this is where I first noticed the word "blog." I clicked it on and soon found myself in a brand new world! One blog led to another and another and I found myself reading for hours. I am not as disciplined as I would like to be and I became almost obsessed with blogging. Then I realized that I could start a blog! I then spent more time reading how to set up a blog, etc. And I was really excited when I posted my own first blog! Several days later it occurred to me that I would run out of stuff to write in a very short time. I didn't think it through for my age limits much of my former activities.

I first named my blog "Pass the Torch" because I thought that sounded neat to pass the thoughts I would write with others. Then I decided to change it to "Let Your Light Shine."
That seemed a good thing to do but now with a little more thought "Looking Back" seems a better name because most of what I write will be things that have already happened. This blog might be like a meteor - it's there and it's gone! But even a meteor has its moment of glory and people somewhere in the world will see it. So, I'll enjoy my moment. . . for now is my time!

I sure feel better now that I have all this before you! Tomorrow my subject title will be, "I Believe in Angels." Do you?


Plant Lady said...

This "metoer" should be like Haley's comet and return, although more often! I enjoy hearing your thoughts!

God Bless You,

Plant Lady

Rachel Olsen said...

Mary - we are kindred spirits!

Sweet Blessings ~ Rachel