Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Easter Story

"God's Not Dead, He is Alive". . . 
      is a song that little John loved to sing when he was about three  years old.  We loved singing it with him and also singing other songs and watching him play, especially with Thomas, the train.  But then our house became very quiet and lonely when we were unable to see our precious great grandson for almost a y ear.  During this time I had the following dream:
      Little John came to our house!  Everything was just as before as we played with him and loved him.  It was such a special time and when he and his mother, Angela, started to leave, I said, "John, let me sing you a song before you go."  I began to sing, "He is alive". . . he smiled, eyes just shining and tilting his head back slightly, he began to sing it back to me, "God's not dead, He is alive. . . "
        When I awoke my heart was flooded with joy and then I realized it was Easter Sunday!  I considered it a gift from God to let me "see" John on this very special day.

"God's not dead (oh, no!)
He's still alive God's not dead (Oh, no!)
I can feel Him in my hands (clap, clap, clap)
Feel Him in my feet (stomp, stomp, stomp)
Feel Him in my heart (dum, dum, dum)
Feel Him in my soul (whoo)
I can feel Him all over me."  

   ( Easter Sunday April 23, 2000)

  Have a Happy and blessed Easter.   Rejoice in the love and goodness of God and the provision made for eternal life.