Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Miracle of Love

Christmas was on its way. The tree had been bought and readied for decorating. But the excitement of previous years was not there. I felt such grief thinking of our son Don, who had been killed in a car accident only six months before. Yet there were still reminders of our happy, laughing teen ager around the house, such as the little plastic labels with messages he'd punched out, stuck here and there.
With heavy heart, I went to the attic to get the decorations. I pulled the box to the door and, kneeling in front, removed the lid. Nostalgia hit me with such force! I just laid my head against that door and crying said, "Don, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Then to my amazement, I saw that right where my head had rested was one of those familiar plastic labels, and printed on it were the words, I LOVE YOU.

It was as if Don had broken the barrier of time and space to speak to us that day. I ran to get my husband to show him our son's message. Tears filled his eyes as we hugged, and the light and love of Christmas filled our hearts and soon was reflected on our tree and in our home, making this the most beautiful Christmas we have ever had.

We still live in the house where this incident happened and the little I LOVE YOU tape remains on the attic door.

The pictures below were taken of the door into the attic. The little plastic tape could have been there as long as two years prior to that day of discovery. My husband, Curtis, and I had been in and out of the attic, yet neither of us noticed the tape until the day my head rested on it. I love what Curtis said, "It was like God planted a seed, then hid it from view until time for it to bloom."

Love. . . has no limits. . . it transcends through time and space.



SweetPea said...

Wow...that was God-inspired. As I read this I was just wondering, how long you thought it was there and if you had never entered the attic. Indeed you did and you answered my curiosity and clearly this was from God. Isn't He awesome. Imagine if you had seen this two years prior...it would NOT have had the impact it had. I also believe that God allows us to dream about our loved ones as a way to comfort us with their passing.


From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comments about my dad. I read some of the stories about your son. I cannot imagine loosing either one of my girls. You have such a wonderful outlook on life and such fond memories. May they always stay with you.

Did you read the poem from my great-grandmother? I titled the post "My Family Legacy". I must have been about a year old when she died but she left a wonderful legacy to the children of my grandmother. I hope you will read it. It has been pasted down through the family for many years.

JnL4God said...

Thanks for sharing that. It was so endearing I can see why they would want to use it. 50 + years of marriage Did you get married when you were 5? You both look great for your age whatever that may be.
Be Blessed,

Yolanda said...

God is so good!


skoots1mom said...

thank u for playing with my "meme".
It's my understanding you can post them on your own site or go to the other person's blog to post your meme ... just to spawn some participation.

Your entry reminded me of my struggles with my back...I broke my neck in high school in gymnastics and many years later it has become my albatross, or thorn in my side like Paul. There are times when it makes me stop...then I have some of my most listening times with God...and I wonder why He won't take it away from me, ha ha!
I love your site and look forward to reading more and more...
: )

Mary said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I will try to give a personal note on each of your blogs.

Now, for anyone that reads this:
Click on skoots1mom to play the "memme" game. I thought it would be more interesting to keep all of the replys on the same blog so we can all read them.


SweetPea said...

Just thinking of you. I thought maybe you were out of town but then I saw you post a comment on someone's blog. So I decided to pop over here and see if anything was new.


Grace said...

Just found your blog through Elaine!

Beth said...

What a beautiful miracle! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Denise said...

Such a precious miracle, bless you for sharing.

Sheryl said...

Wow-that was amazing. I'm not sure how I just landed here, but I am going to keep reading. I loved your spirit as soon as I read your profile.

Hard to believe you could walk by that piece of tape for 2 years, isn't God's timing perfect.

I'm going to keep reading now.