Monday, June 22, 2015


                             (this was written March 1st,( 2008 or 09 I think)
                                                        Found it in my drafts. . so here it is!)

 In the above picture, my husband, Curt, and I are picking persimmons in the back yard of a friend whose trees were loaded. We were having a great time filling a sack that had been given to us. I thought I liked persimmons but when I got home I realized that I didn't care for them at all. Curt didn't care for them either.  Of course I wrote a nice note to our friends thanking them for the lovely fruit without going into great detail.

I'm sure there is a good moral to this story and I'm working on that! If you think of something, let me know!


a portland granny said...

Thank s for the note you left on my stampig blog--I keep pictures of all my cards on that site and didn't know anyone ever left messages--anyway, glad you did! I've been doing quite a few cards lately as I got way behind last winter after a violent fall which left me wth a broken shoulder! Now that I am on the mend, I am making cards again and trying to remember to take a picture and get them all recorded.

I don't blog any more, but I have left my main blog open as people seem to find it when they are looking for things about Jim Elliot, or his brother Bert Elliot.

Thanks again for stopping by
Joan in Portland Oregon

a portland granny said...

I made a mistake--you were in my card making blog which I seldom do anythig with any more--you might be more interested in my blog for keeping copies of all of my cards

Алексей Скворцов said...

Soozcat said...

Hello! Just happened to find your blog today and I saw your little story about persimmons. And the first thing I thought was, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... but when you give yourself persimmons..."

There's probably many morals to be gleaned from this experience, but the thing that came to mind was that sometimes God has blessings for us that He can't bestow because we're too busy going after the things we think we want -- something like those persimmons, which can look very attractive in the here and now, but may turn out not to be what we really wanted. When we do our best to turn to God, to do His will to the best of our ability, we are creating more room for His blessings by clearing out of our lives the things that don't really matter.

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