Monday, March 31, 2008

Singing In The Rain!

This is an article that I wrote about my friends, Earl and Marie, some years back:

Earl Lee was scheduled for surgery this morning. I kept feeling the STRONGEST impression to go to the hospital. My First thought was, Well,maybe he is still in surgery and I can sit with Marie. Then I thought, Oh, he is probably out of surgery and the last thing you need when coming out of surgery is a visitor! But I just couldn't get away from the feeling of "GO!"

I picked up my umbrella as dark clouds were gathering. I made my way, hurriedly, to the forth floor and knocked on the door. Marie came to the door. I found that Earl was still waiting for surgery scheduled for 1:00 pm! No one else was there . . . just the two of them in that very quiet room. The rain was now coming down in torrents outside the window. I walked over to the bed and I could tell that Earl was frightened. Big tears filled his eyes and he told me that he believed God had sent me.

I can't explain the feeling of love at the moment. The faithfulness of God never ceases to amaze me! And I was made aware that one of God's children needed a little added assurance. We talked, then the three of us held hands as I prayed. All of us had tears in our eyes. Jesus was there! Just as I said, "Good-bye" to a radiant smiling face and was walking toward the door, the nurse was coming in to give Earl the shot that is given prior to surgery. I think the pastor got there a few minutes later.

To get to my car on the parking lot I had to wade through water. With shoes in hand I began wading to the car in my stocking feet. After starting the car I tried to get home but every where I turned the streets were flooded. After treading water several blocks, I was fearful to go any further so I pulled into a driveway where I left a note with my name, phone number and an explanation of my predicament. I then took my hose off and walked barefoot down the sidewalk, rain beating against my umbrella. I thought of the song, "I'm singing in the rain. . just singing in the rain. . . " At that moment my heart really was singing. I felt so happy and carefree! There was such a joy that I had been obedient to God's divine will and the inconvenience I was experiencing was raining heavenly blessings!

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this glorious hibiscus blooming so beautifully amid the leaves and clutter in the yard. It seemed to say, "I will bloom where I am planted." We could sure take a lesson from this little flower. There is so much clutter all around us but we don't have to give in to despair ,rather let God use us for a blessing right where we are!