Monday, April 28, 2008

Galveston Beach

As, my husband, Curtis, and I strolled along the beach, we were hoping to find a sand dollar among the thousands of tiny shells. I'm not sure if the tide was coming in or going out but we were enjoying the relaxing time of just being there and watching the large waves come in and then see them break into white capped ripples. And we also enjoyed watching the hundreds of seagulls flying all around looking for something to eat.

We have been coming to this beach since we were teenagers. Looking out across the ocean, here on the Gulf of Mexico, it looks the same now as it did then. But the people who walk along the shore have changed and continue to change.

When we came here as teens with our church group, the girls would all get together to go swimming and the boys were taken a mile or so down the beach. Far enough that we could hardly see them. "Mixed bathing" as it was called, was not allowed.

Thinking of the many changes in the last century, of morals and standards, the pendulum has reversed and has swung way out in the opposite direction. I think it is past time for it to swing back and strive for a better balance. Why is it so difficult to get a good balance in life?

One of the things that we did while in Galveston was to see the Titanic Exhibition at Moody Gardens. There were over a 125 authentic artifacts rescued from the Titanic on display and several re-creations of some of her famous rooms. We also read a number of stories of her passengers and crew. This was a sobering experience and also a reminder that none of us know what tomorrow may hold. We have only today. I like this quote:

"Yesterday is a cancelled check
Tomorrow is a promissory note
Today is cash. . . spend it!"
(and I would like to add. . . spend it with care!)

Another thing that happened at Galveston was a dream that I had. I dreamed that I was desperately trying to reach my son, Don. I was trying to call him on a cell phone to ask him why he had left, where was he, and when was he coming home? It was then that I awoke and I knew the answers to all those questions. We lost Don in a car accident when he was eighteen years of age. That was over thirty years ago but the dream brought him into sharp focus.


SweetPea said...

Wonderful post. You have the most beautiful stories. First, I love the sand dollar story. I'm sure you've read the email story about a boy throwing one back in and he is asked what's the point. He said to that one sand dollar he is making all the difference. There's a great moral to that. If we only help save one soul, it makes all the difference to that one soul.

The dream you had...oh my, I got goose bumps. I felt your desire and felt through your words.

I have been to the Titanic exhibit two or three times. Twice in Florida and once in Virginia maybe. I love that exhibit as it is very breath taking and humbling. I hope your exhibit had the wall of iceberg and the cold deck. I've always been fascinated with the Titanic. I also did a ten page report on it in high school. I had to watch videos and research it. The exhibition of going back to see the Titanic now in it's resting place is incredible also.

I love the saying about yesterday a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissary note, and today is cash. Very cool!

Hope you are feeling better.
I will be posting some time today on my blog.

Yolanda said...

I will be waiting to hear about your precious son.


Cyndy said...

We saw the Titanic exhibit last year here in our neck of the woods. The thing that got to me most were the small personal items.

Plant Lady said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful trip to Galveston Beach. I have never been to Texas except passing through on a layover for a few hours in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. My husband has been many times and says it is beautiful.

I enjoy walking on the beach. We are close enough to both the NC and SC beaches to visit both. The SC beaches are a little more commercialized so we go to NC beaches when we just want to walk and relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

You are right, times have changed with the swimsuit styles! Anything goes nowadays, it seems. But not for me! I'm very modest and am embarrased easily.

Take Care,
Plant Lady

Paula Sue said...

Hey Ms. Mary this is Paula Sue O'Quain! Diane sent this link to me a while back and I have just open it and have been reading all the wonderful things written by you. I remember when you and Curtis open your home to a hard headed teenager years ago that had no where to go. The memory that has stuck with me was when we all sat in the piano room and talked into a tape recorder telling what we were most thankful for that year and thinking I did not know families did this sort of thing.I was truly blessed to have been there the short time that I was but did not know how much until I was much older. Thank you both for the memories and for answering a Mom's call when she had no where to send her child until two of God's precious angels open up their heart and arms and said come on in....Paula Sue

Mary said...

Precious Paula! What a complete surprise and blessing to find your comments on my blog!
Sooooo many memories came flooding back. I think for a long time we only had a piano in the living room but I remember how our children and their teen friends would sit on the carpet and visit, sing, etc. Actually, I think the teens preferred sitting on the floor.

I remember having friends leave thoughts on a tape recorder. Sure wish I still had the tape! But I remember some of this in my "mind recording."

And in my mind I can still see you as a little girl, beautiful black hair and gorgeous eyes. And you always had such a sparkly and outgoing personality and all of this continued into your adult years.

Thanks again for making my day!

love, shirley mary

Mary said...

To: Paula,(sweetpea) Yolanda, Cyndy and Plant Lady,
Thank you so much for your comments and interest.

I have been out of town for a District Assembly that our church has once a year. Just got back late this afternoon. I'm looking forward to reading each one of your post that I have missed.