Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Christmas. . . with love!

With each passing year, I realize more and more that it's not what is placed under the tree that is really important but the family and friends that gather around the tree. Also, the ornaments on our tree have become more meaningful through the years . At the top of our tree is a green angel made from construction paper with glitter sprinkled around. My great grandson, John made this several years ago and I treasure it more than any angel that I could buy . . this one cannot be bought with money. . . it was a gift created especially for our tree and when it was completed, John's paw paw lifted him up so he could place it at the very top. Each year it is carefully put away until the next Christmas.

Perhaps you have at least one ornament on your tree that is very special. Christmas is a wonderful time to share stories. . . especially of love.

One year I was sitting next to a small Christmas tree in the home of a lovely elderly lady where a group of ladies had come for a fellowship luncheon and Bible study. I can't explain it, but I felt love coming from this small tree. Finally, I could keep quiet no longer and asked "Does this tree have a story to tell?"
My friend smiled and said, "Well, actually, it does!" She shared with us how one year all of her ornaments were either lost or stolen. The ladies in her church were made aware of this and each one gave her an ornament to replace the ones that were lost. Somehow this little tree with its sparkling lights and beautiful ornaments was able to transmit love. . . to me.
May God's love touch you this Christmas in a way that goes beyond all expectations.


Sheryl said...

Mary, I am so glad to see you here again! I miss reading what you have to say. Love your story about your angel. My tree is also decorated with ornaments the kids have made throughout the years. Wouldn't trade those for anything.

I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas this year.

Love to you, my friend,

From the Heart said...

Of course I don't mind your getting the Christmas tree. It's so pretty. My gift to you.
I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet. Still have a few things to do.
You are a precious lady and I always enjoy seeing your picture when you comment.
You have a beautiful tree and the story of love was precious. I have an 87 year old cousin who for several years ordered gold ornaments with intricate scences in them, brass and silver, and gold with crystals. She ordered them from QVC but never used them.
One year I insisted that she let me come and put some of her ornaments on a tree and she let me.
It was small but it was a my gift of love to her. Several years ago we were talking about who would get her things when she was no longer with us, she couldn't imagine who would want her ornaments and I quickly said "I do". About three weeks later she called and asked if I still wanted them and of course I did so she told me to come get them. I have used them ever since. They are so pretty. Pictures do not give the beauty that I can see. I used to make my own ornaments. One year I had a red, green and white plaid tree with cross stitched ornaments. Another year I added plaid fan with lace across the top. For several years I would add something different. I even made white birds with gold sequence on their wings. Another year I did a pink ornaments on my green tree. Before we sold our house I put the plaid one in our den and the pink one in our living room. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm since I had all the surgeries. Usually my youngest daughter and my grandchildren come and decorate for me.
Thanks and be blessed this Christmas.
Luv u, AliceE.

skoots1mom said...

Merry Christmas..and you are's the people, the memories, the dreams, and the knowing His promises never fail, that make Christmas so special and warming!
love ya, M!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a wonderful, heartfelt post, Mary. I love the significance behind your angel. What a blessing that you could genuinely feel the love from the tree of your friend's.

I've not put my tree up this year no did I last year. The memories are exactly the reason. I can't bear to look at all the ornaments. One that I know is in there is one I made for my beloved the first year together. I laminated a empty packet of Splenda. Then I typed under it "Your Splenda Girl". I think I typed something else but I can't remember and I can't bear to look right now.

Thanks for sharing your heart full of love.

ancient one said...

what a pleasant surprise to see that you have posted again.. we miss you..

Your story about the ornament and the tree that spoke of love were both special..

Putting up the tree has become too hard for me... so today my husband put it together. We have no room in the house for a tree.. so I put it on the porch and it is standing in front of my living room windows...(no room in the inn)... no ornaments on it just lights..

Inside I have nativity scenes and angels,shepards, kings, animals, etc every where...

Some how that seems right... tree outside... Jesus inside...

JnL4God said...

What a lovely post. A lot of wonderful memories and stories and I love when you share them.
Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Cyndy said...

Mary, I didn't know you were still writing occasionally! I'm so glad you are.

We have a foil star on the top of our tree. The first year we were married I didn't have any ornaments and no money to buy any so I made gingerbread men and hung them on our tree and cut out a cardboard star and covered it with foil. We put in on the top of the tree with a twist tie.

That tree remains in my memory as my favorite Christmas tree ever. My husband won't even consider a different tree topper, he wants the foil star. As the years go by it's becoming the most treasured of all our ornaments.

Thank you for your wonderful story, what a blessing today!

From the Heart said...

Mary, Thanks for your comments. You always have a way of lifting my spirits and right now they need lifting. Come anytime, I love to hear from you.
Tomorrow I'm going to make some individual pictures of my some of the ornaments I have and put them in a slide show on my sidebar. It will probably take a couple days but I do want to share them.

skoots1mom said...

got my teen to help today, and the TREE IS UP!!
After I studied on the Messianic Jewish site this morning doing some research on Christmas and Hanukkah are related, etc., He put the LIGHT in me and I finally started feeling the season!
:) come by again when you get a chance...

Robin Lambright said...

Hey There!
I have to ditto the comments of most of the others. I have missed hearing from you and reading your perspectives. We all look forward to your future posts (whenever the inspiration strikes, I know with the holidays it seems that the to do list takes precedence over blogging, I so get that right now)

On the holiday preparation front, I have one more present to purchase and I will be done (doing the happy dance internally as I type) we are also having our family gathering at my house on Saturday…. I have to clean my house… go to the grocery store. We are having brunch and all I have in my pantry is a jar of peanut butter and a semi stale loaf of bread, so I will be getting my menu together as well as wrapping gifts etc…...

I think your verbalizing the fact that the memories and the people who gather are truly what are important is so true. I think we all have those precious ornaments made with glitter and construction paper that we carefully wrap in tissue paper preserving from year to year.

Sending the warmest holiday blessing your way.
Your blogging friend
We really have missed you!!!!!!!!!

From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comment on my ornaments. The pictures are not really good. The light on the camera doesn't help but I did the best I could. It at least gives you an idea of what a beautiful thing my cousin did for me.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! I like your Christmas Tree.
Have a nice day. :)

Coffee Bean said...

Mary!!! I'm glad you posted! And your tree is lovely!

Nearly all of our ornaments have a story to tell. Each year as I carefully unwrap each one it is like going through our family history. My most treasured ornaments are those made by our grandmothers.

Tracy said...

Hi Mary!
So good to hear from you. I loved seeing that beautiful photo of your tree. I see you have some priceless treasures, too. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of the love tree.

I'm thrilled to hear you made the almond sugar cookies! = ) Made my heart smile.

Merry CHRISTmas Blessings,

Plant Lady said...


Glad to hear from you again! The tree is beautiful and I know it holds special meaning for you all withthe ornaments that were made with love. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Plant Lady

g said...

Were you at church yesterday? I was there. I got to talking to our Kevin (Wheeler), and didn't get to look for you.