Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Christmas. . . with love!

With each passing year, I realize more and more that it's not what is placed under the tree that is really important but the family and friends that gather around the tree. Also, the ornaments on our tree have become more meaningful through the years . At the top of our tree is a green angel made from construction paper with glitter sprinkled around. My great grandson, John made this several years ago and I treasure it more than any angel that I could buy . . this one cannot be bought with money. . . it was a gift created especially for our tree and when it was completed, John's paw paw lifted him up so he could place it at the very top. Each year it is carefully put away until the next Christmas.

Perhaps you have at least one ornament on your tree that is very special. Christmas is a wonderful time to share stories. . . especially of love.

One year I was sitting next to a small Christmas tree in the home of a lovely elderly lady where a group of ladies had come for a fellowship luncheon and Bible study. I can't explain it, but I felt love coming from this small tree. Finally, I could keep quiet no longer and asked "Does this tree have a story to tell?"
My friend smiled and said, "Well, actually, it does!" She shared with us how one year all of her ornaments were either lost or stolen. The ladies in her church were made aware of this and each one gave her an ornament to replace the ones that were lost. Somehow this little tree with its sparkling lights and beautiful ornaments was able to transmit love. . . to me.
May God's love touch you this Christmas in a way that goes beyond all expectations.